Prove Your Concept

Prove Your Concept

Transform your ideas into profits by following our 5 step framework used by many successful company CEOs.

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I am growing my business into a profitable franchise online and in brick and mortar stores. Funding is now a lot easier for me and I like having liquidity insurance for my investors. What I like most is the mentorship and access to experts that inform me about possibilities for my business that I never imagined. I also like the resources including digital marketing and funnels. Thanks for Prove Your Concept. Tina Sanchez

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Transform Your Idea to Profits

  • Add value to your community
  • Learn the necessary design skills, basic to intermediate
  • Learn and establish high performance teamwork skills within a community environment
  • Enhance social design in partnership with your community
  • Take your idea through to the final stages, from inception to execution and exit strategy

EVERYTHING You Need to Create and Market Your Products and Services


Prove Your Concept uses Quantum Systems Ecologies (QSE),  a proprietary business transformation system, to design transition and succession planning, turnaround, and exit strategies including IPO, mergers or acquisitions.


QSE informed pre-launch market research including including competitor analysis, product market cycle systems, branding, digital marketing, market trend analysis, product management, lead & pipeline generation, logistics and customer acquisition.


QSE infrastructure launch, operations procedures, human resources systems, communications systems ERP systems, and IT infrastructure.


Budgeting, pitch decks, liquidity risk management and financial modeling. Best practices for fiscal management, accounting procedures and decision-making tools.

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Defining Your Concept

Identify the individuals or teams you will need to collaborate with to bring your idea to fruition. Brainstorm and create a comprehensive outline, making sure to incorporate your definition of a successful outcome, as well as a detailed timeline of task execution.

Development Phase

Define the user requirements and establish detailed project scope. Ensure that all parties involved are updated continuously as the process unfolds. Adhere to your success outcomes to avoid scope creep.

Engineering Phase

Implement your idea and put it through rigorous usability tests. Follow your design and implementation plan to ensure that all parties are collectively propelling the project to a successful outcome.

Execution Phase

Consider the pro’s and con’s and put your concept into action to test both these scenarios. This phase’s success will weigh heavily on utilizing extremely detailed test cases.

Evaluate Your Product

Critically examine the results together with the whole team, making sure every member is actively involved. Compare your final product with your initial expectations and evaluate the discrepancies.

Loan offers / Financing (Up to $10 M)


  • Up to $10M in business financing
  • Software and hardware logistics
  • Liquidity risk management resources
  • Global network of enrepreneurs and business talent